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Who we are

This industrial, commercial and trading group has over than 17 years’ experience in Russia federation and overseas matchless activities for the progress of the aims of the economic, industrial and commerce. 

Reconstruction and repair of water pipes



Our Business Areas

Bio Armature

Bio-Armature, a GFRP rebar, is an excellent substitute for conventional types of steel rebar. Bio-Armature is 100% recyclable when used in concrete.


STM Group Supplies extensive range of Piping Package like Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Stud Bolts, Gaskets and other accessories according to ASTM and API standards in Carbon, Stainless and Alloy.

Oil Pipes

Pipes and Tubes Flanges ANSI / ASME Fittings Stud Bolts and Sealing Products Valves Hose and Fluid Handling Division

Pressure & Thermo Instruments

Boilers - Steam Boilers - Hot Water Thermal Oil Heaters Eluate Heaters Heat Exchangers Autoclaves/Retort Vessels Pressure Vessels Electric Heating Thermal Plants

Industrial Batteries

Lithium-ion Power Battery EV Fitting EV Fitting Intelligent Uninterruptible Energy Storage Cabinet Emergency Vehicle Energy Storage

Raw Leather

Dry salted wool sheep skins for double face Salted dried sheep and goat skins Pickled sheep skins Wet blue sheep skins Air dried cow hides Salted dried cow hides Wet salted cow hides Wet blue cow hides Crust leathers for garments Wet blue goat skins Wet salted arabic sheep skins


Round wood, Lubmer, Veneer Solid wood products Mouldings, profiled timber, components Wooden panels Finished products Furniture BioFuel Pulp, paper and cardboard

Cereals and industrial crops

Oat Corn Barley Rice Millet & Sun Flower Wheat